Integrated solutions in the field technician glued, equipment for applying hotmelts, service, consulting, installation.
About company
  • Assistance in the selection of technological equipment and adhesives;
  • Implementation of the pilot tests of the equipment in a technical laboratory and tests at the client`s factory;
  • Supply of equipment and adhesives;
  • Repair and service during and after the warranty period. We have a wide range of spare parts, interchangeable with parts of the other manufacturers of glue equipment;
  • Assistance in solving operational problems;
  • Professional customer service is ensured by our team of the staff in the Bila Tserkva.
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  • Packing equipment plant Thermo-Pack Ltd
  • STM-Ukraine LTD
  • Valco Melton S.L.U.
  • Adtek Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Sdn.Bhd
  • olquimica
  • BUHNEN Polska
  • 2013 TERMOLAN
  • "rmolan-Ukraine" LTD
    city Bila Tserkva
    str. Y.Mydrogo,66/13,
    Kyiv region, 09107
  • Tel.,Fax (04563) 9-22-79
    (04563) 9-22-78
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